6 Romantic Things To Do In Christchurch

If you’re spending your holiday in Christchurch, New Zealand with your loved one, you will want to have some romantic evenings and moments while you’re there. Whether you like going to the movies together, have a nice evening in the restaurant or something completely different, Christchurch has some very romantic places and things to do.

1.    Watch a film at the independent cinema

Christchurch has three independent cinemas, Academy Gold Cinema, Hollywood Theatre and Alice in Videoland, showing some great films. Both the Academy Gold Cinema and the Hollywood Theatre is showing a nice mix of both mainstream movies and a few arthouse films while Alice in Videoland is the way to go if you want to avoid the mainstream blockbusters. This is both a cinema and a DVD shop where you can find the best independent films offered by a movie-enthusiastic staff. The theatre only seats 38 people which makes it a charming and romantic movie night possibility. You can even bring wine from the bar next door in the theatre, making the experience complete.



2.    Take a walk in the park

Christchurch is often regarded as the Garden city, so taking a walk in the park in the evening can be a great romantic experience. Not only will you avoid the crowds that are in the park during the day, but it’s perfectly safe to walk there in the dark. Hagley Park is situated in the center of Canterbury and can be seen as the green oasis of the city. It’s also the third largest city park in the world. Victoria Park, however, is situated outside the city center but has the advantage of giving you splendid views over the city, the coast, and even the Southern Alps. It is the perfect location for a late evening picnic.


Christchurch Gardens



3.    Go punting on the Avon

The park may well be a romantic setting for your date evening, but there is nothing more romantic than punting on the Avon on a warm summer evening. Punting is similar to the gondolas in Venice since you’re in a flat-bottomed boat that is poled along by a punter in traditional Edwardian. While you’re enjoying the tranquil garden city and your loved one, a skilled punter will move you along the river Avon, meandering through the park and city. Punting in summer is only possible until 6pm but can be a great start to your romantic evening.



4.    Laugh out loud in The Court Theatre

A romantic alternative fors pending your evening is by going to a comedy show together. The Court Theatre is a scriptless comedy event where improvisers will turn the ideas of the audience into something hilarious. This interactive comedy extravaganza is the perfect mix of theatre and audience interaction. There is also the opportunity to have a pizza dinner before the show or if you’re looking for something a bit more classy for your romantic evening, you can go to the nearby Lincoln road. Over there you’ll find a wide range of bars and restaurants to spend some time before or afterward.



5.    Watch the kites at New Brighton Beach

With Christchurch being located at the coast, this offers opportunities for romantic evenings. Why not head down to New Brighton Beach where you enjoy a romantic sunset while walking on the sandy beaches. The beach stretches for over 18 kilometers from the Waimakariri River. Afterward, you can get yourself some ice-cream or have a nice dinner in one of the beach cafés. Salt on the Pier is a waterfront restaurant offering romantic dining experiences. It is located on the pier and gives views of the South Pacific. They have an excellent wine bar as well.



6.    Head to a gallery opening night

If you are both into art, attending a gallery opening night might be a romantic date for you two. Chambers 241, The National and the Jonathan Smart Gallery have opening nights every week on Tuesdays while the City Art Depot and Form Gallery have theirs on Fridays. Enjoying the exquisite art while tasting the complimentary wine and cheese can be a great way of spending your romantic evening in Christchurch.


April 23, 2017 by Denym Bird

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